We create extraordinary expressions of visual and verbal language that stop people in their tracks and invite them to take another look. For us, it’s all about arresting attention and engaging people in the very idea of our clients’ businesses. Therefore we help our clients cultivate that relationship and continue the brand journey via a whole range of touch points; some quite unusual. We also have rare individuals; people with an unnatural ability to do the right thing. We seek out the unobvious and challenge the conventions. We see opportunity where others might see problems. Above all We take great steps to understand the uniqueness of our clients. And we do all this with control, great skill, and discipline.
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We guarantee we have the solutions.

merakiadv animation videos

We have media production house equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to produce high –quality animation films and commercial videos and also a team of experts in 3D, explainer, and infographics producing graphics that are on trend and universally appealing.

merakiadv corporate videos
We are also accomplished in the field of corporate video production, from conceptualization to execution, having produced short animated films to multi-layered corporate videos.
mhrakiadv tv commercials

Due to our established Video Production Group, TV commercials production is one well-known territory to us.  Having carved our niche in the TV commercials production, our team are able and well-equipped with skills, talent, and attitude to not only go with the current trend and style but also to lead the trend.


meraki post production

When we say we cover conceptualization to execution, we mean it. We ensure that every stage of the way of the post-production process is done meticulously, creatively, and efficiently in a timely manner to ensure delivery of a service that meets the highest standards and exceeds our clients’ expectation.

merakiadv ducumentaries

We create documentaries that can move a human’s heart, mind, and soul. Or should we say, we can tell your story in a way that will touch, move, and empower people.

merakiadv content videos

Video is the new king of content.  Content, however, no matter how brilliant, if not properly coordinated and visually aligned, is nothing but a commoner.  And we have a team of experts who prepare the king’s garb and throne to ensure the king rules.

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