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Social media continues to mature and evolve within the GCC. It is currently changing how businesses and governments market their services and products online.

It has undergone rapid growth and attracted a sophisticated class of online users. At Meraki, we understand how social media works. Our team combines social media marketing with search marketing to boost direct site traffic, search engine rankings, and brand buzz. To us, this form of marketing is a balance of content, insights, media, and analytics with an aim of creating measurable results from participants’ expressions and impressions.

The boundaries of paid, earned and owned dissolve inside the social media platforms. As such, acute measurements, strategizing and reporting are important. Capturing the social value is more important than the mere acquisition of fans, community and engagement metrics. We therefore focus on implementing a data driven and comprehensive marketing strategy. Our expertise spans across all social networks.


“Build it, and they will come” only works in movies. Social Media is a “built it”, nurture it, engage them, and they may come & stay.”

How We Do It.
meraki adv Social Media Strategy

Social Media

The desire to win is important though not the only aspect that leads to winning any competition. Although Willing to prepare for a win is very important. That’s what strategy formulation is all about. We map out social media marketing road that leads to a win. We formulate a creative, intelligent and results-focused multichannel social media strategy.

meraki adv Social Media Management

Social Media Management

A stable and strong management team makes managing social media on a daily basis easy, efficient, and accurate for both multinationals and SMEs. As a result Our team will guide you to ensure efficient, accurate, and smooth monitoring, filtering, contributing and measuring of social content, online interactions, and social presence on all social media platforms.

meraki adv Social Influencer Management

Social Influencer Management

Realizing how important performance indicators are doesn’t guarantee a successful digital marketing campaign. However, being oblivious of success parameters that should be used to track performance of a campaign is meeting your failure head-on. Therefore, Our team will track, monitor, and take a record off the right metrics. This will enable your brand to strike a chord with the right audiences.

meraki adv Social Content Solutions

Social Content

Creative and intelligent content won’t have a positive impact on your business if it does not resonate with the audience. We carefully plan, compose, and execute content that engages your audience. Above all we use a data driven approach with the audience and marketing goals of your business in mind. This ensures that we meet your digital marketing needs.

meraki adv Paid Social Media

Paid Social

Paid social media is an important aspect of creating brand awareness, growing revenue, and targeting a specific audience in a scalable and effective manner. We make sure that the content that you publish online will inspire the audience to share it. In addition we ensure that it reaches the right influencers while presenting you as the industry leader.

meraki adv Social Monitoring & Reporting

Social Monitoring & Reporting

We employ different platforms to monitor online reputation as well as social media analytics to measure sentiments of the social media users and conversions efficiently and proficiently. Therefore we use innovative tools to test the effectiveness of the implemented strategy, provide actionable insights, and make adjustments where and when necessary.

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